Monday, December 14, 2009

New Pediatrician

We kept jumping from pediatrician to pediatrician for months. In March of 2008, we decided to just take Noah to our family doctor. He couldn't do any worse than the other pediatricians had. Dr. R agreed to see Noah as a patient. Shortly after, Dr. R was away and Noah became sick. We took him to the ER and he was diagnosed with bronchiolitis (again!). We were told to get him into his doctor with the next 3 days. We couldn't reach Dr. R, so we took a chance and called a new pediatrician in a town about 10 miles away. This was the best thing that could have ever happened! We made an appointment to see Dr. H for the following day. He took one look at Noah and said, "I don't want to step on any toes, but this kid has some issues that need taken care of." Spidey and I looked at each other and said, "okay". Dr. H then pointed out some very interesting things. Here's what he noted:

1. Noah had rosey-red cheeks that everyone thought were so cute. Turns out they were actually patches of eczema!
2. Noah's tonsils were terribly enlarged, nearly obstructing his breathing.
3. Noah had other signs of serious allergies.
4. Noah had wheezing....major wheezing.

Dr. H diagnosed Noah with eczema, allergies, enlarged tonsils, and moderate asthma. We left his office with prescriptions for allergy meds, eczema cream, a nebulizer and a follow-up appointment. We had decided that Dr. H was going to be Noah's new pediatrician.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

All About Noah: The Third Six Months

This post should bring me up to where we were when I started this blog a year ago. (I know, I haven't posted in over a year, but I kind of lost my password.)

So Noah turned 1 and things were okay. He was saying a few words, mostly daddy and ball. He began walking at 13 months. He seemed to be doing well. Except....He didn't really play with anything. I mean he played, but mostly by turning cars over and spinning the wheels. He was very quiet. He was content to spend most of his time alone. He never let us know he was thirsty or hungry. We just had to go on a schedule. He didn't point to things he was interested in or bring us things to show us. We didn't know what was normal for a 1 year old. Noah was our first child, but something definitely didn't seem right.

We still had the same issues with chunky textures. He was over a year old and still couldn't eat Stage 3 baby food. When he turned 1, we started him on whole milk. Almost immediately Noah began vomiting frequently. He seemed to have this dazed look in his eyes most of the time and just didn't interact with us. The pediatrician said the same old thing, "he'll grow out of it, back off the milk for a little while." We didn't know what to do. We just kind of went with the flow and followed the pediatrician's advice. We put Noah back on milk-based formula, but things didn't improve much. He still vomited, maybe not as frequently but he still did.

Finally in May of 2008, we finally began to get some answers to what was going on with Noah.