Thursday, January 20, 2011

No Computer!! Ahhhh!! (oh and a mini-update)

Okay, so my computer is a goner. It sputtered for a few weeks and then it was done. I never realized how much I would miss having it until it went haywire. Now I am just waiting to see if it can be salvaged or if I need to drop some major cash and buy a new one.

Anyways, things are going well here in Noah's world. He is doing really well in school, sleeping excellently (with the help of a little melatonin), and had a few appointments with specialists lately that were reassuring. We are in the process of seeking some help with a few behaviors that are somewhat troubling. Mainly we are dealing with some obseesive-compulsive-type behaviors that are interfering with daily functions.

We had his IEP last month and it went really well. He qualified for PT, OT, Speech and his aide. I was really prepared this time. I asked for a copy of the proposed IEP a week before the meeting, wrote down my concerns and gave them to his teacher weeks before, and had all my questions ready. It was a completely different experience from his last IEP. The only people at his IEP meeting last year was the district rep., me, and Noah's dad (oh and Noah came too because we didn't have enough time to find a babysitter since we didn't know about the meeting until the night before!). This time Noah's teacher, the school's speech therapist, adaptive physical education teacher, the district representative, Noah's teacher and I were all in attendance. It was a much more comfortable experience and we all agreed on everything. I am so glad that Noah attends the school that he attends. He has been there since he was 21 months old. They know him so well and he is so happy there.

He had an awesome Christmas (although he doesn't really play with anything that he received very much). He did struggle some with all the people and opening presents. He was finished before he had even opened all his gifts.

All in all things are going well here, but I really miss checking in on my fellow autism moms. What a wonderful resource the internet has turned out to be. I can't wait until I have unlimited access to all your wonderful blogs again!